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Financial Frustration

Sometimes, it is hard not to get annoyed or frustrated at my financial situation. I look around at others and see how they’ve done and I know that I’m a talented individual and that I should be earning a better income than I am currently. I have debts to pay, a wedding to save for,…

Texting Pain

So, using text message features without an unlimited texting plan can get expensive when you text constantly with women… I’ve fixed it for the future, but live and learn. Who knew that 500 wouldn’t be enough?

Blog Stats

For those that are interested, this blog now has more than 425 post, and more than 550 comments on it. It receives an average of 400 visitors per month, more when I post consistently, and less when I don’t.


I got stung by a wasp on the weekend. It was the first time I’ve ever been stung. Damn did it ever hurt! Now it is just really itchy, and my finger is still a little swollen. The first thing I said to my brother, who was there, was “burn them all… what use are…


I’m not good at taking care of myself. I’d rather take care of someone else. I’d rather do anything else than do the things I need to be healthy and happy, even waste time. The last two weeks have been dreadful for me emotionally…