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Feeling Better

Thanks to everyone that left a comment wishing me well. I feel much better. My stomach is still a little twitchy and sensitive, but overall, I’m feeling close to normal again.

On a Netbook

Today, I am the odd man out in the office as I don’t really have a computer. My computer should hopefully be shipping today or tomorrow and here by Friday. Unfortunately, that means today I’m on an older Acer Aspire One netbook. I’ve plugged in my keyboard, mouse and monitor into it, but a slow…


I really need to find ways to increase my energy. I feel like I’m just recharging today rather than getting stuff done. I want to move forward on a variety of things, and I’ve been spinning my wheels all day. I’ve got little things done, but nothing impressive. I’m very frustrated over the whole thing…

Nice Feeling

Despite missing everyone at work, it feels nice to not have to go in today. I would love to work from home again. It sucks having to continue to clean and pack though.


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Room For Rent: Or Maybe Not

So one of the places I was most interested, an inexpensive room for rent, is gone. The people that are there are staying, so it isn’t up for grabs. I’m definitely disappointed, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Now I have to look harder and faster. My official move date is currently set…