1 Million Calories – Week 9

Feb 25 – We tried out a Shawarma place in Kingston today. I was worried it would suck, despite the good reviews on Google and recommendation on Reddit, but it was actually really good. One large meal from that place has enough food to feed two people, so if Annie and I can go in there agreeing on something, we will probably split one order next time.

Feb 26 – I am so proud of myself today for drinking so few calories. Only two hundred calories of low sugar iced tea all day. I used to drink around six to eight hundred calories every day of juice, milk, and pop. It wasn’t uncommon for me to down a full litre of Coke on an average day. Would I love to see my calories from drinks go to zero? Sure. Will that happen? Unlikely. I can’t drink aspartame which is used in most diet drinks and I am not a huge fan of water. I force myself to drink it as much as I can, but there are often times where I’d rather drink nothing than water. Weird, eh?

Feb 27 – We were planning on going to Georgetown today, but it didn’t work out. The weather was just too bad. The stressful driving made the suggestion of pizza seem amazing, and so we had some Little Caesars pepperoni pizza. I remember it tasting better. I also had some Spicy Nacho Doritos as I’ve been craving them for more than a few days. Why do my cravings typically end up being unhealthy food? Is it a comfort thing? It can’t be because I’m missing something that those foods have, can it? I sometimes wonder how much my poor eating choices are related to depression and anxiety.

Feb 28 – We travelled to Georgetown today and made it fine. We stopped in at The Big Apple and had breakfast from there. I had an apple muffin and a hot chocolate, but that used up a fair number of calories. The muffin wasn’t even very sweet either. C’est la vie. For dinner, we went out to one of my favourite local restaurants, the St. George, and I had breaded chicken strips and onion rings with a cranberry juice. I used to eat that at least once a week when I was living here.

Mar 1 – I stepped on the scale away from home and it was up over my home scale, but I still recorded the measurement. This means since my last weigh in, I haven’t gone up or down. In some ways, it is a shame, as I was weighing almost two pounds less two days ago, but considering I had two days over my calorie limit in one week, I can’t really complain.

Here are some stats from February:

  • Missed breakfast – 12 times
  • Missed lunches – 5 times
  • Missed suppers – 3 times
  • Days without snacks – 5
  • Days over calories – 2
  • 64576 calories used in February
  • 2306.29 calories per day on average
    • That’s 244 calories per day on average more than I ate in January.
  • I had seven days over my carb goal, which is one less day than in January.
  • I only made my protein goal one time out of the month, instead of twice in January.

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