1 Million Calories – Week 10

March 4 – Today, like most days, I woke up early to take care of the puppy. I didn’t really eat breakfast, instead, I had a lunch of Cool Ranch Doritos and some Coke. I know I can do better, but I’m really not feeling all that great mentally. I spent time today editing last weeks big update video, so I’ll be posting that soon along with my notes. I have to eat better tonight… I tried to eat better in the evening but ended the day eating McDonald’s. I stayed under my calorie limit, just barely.

March 5 – Up at six in the morning with the dog. At least I went to bed by eleven. Pancake Tuesday today, so we had bacon pancakes together. They were good, and not as calorie intense as I was thinking they’d be.

March 6 – Woke up at six again. This is becoming a regular thing, but unfortunately, I need to get to sleep earlier as I didn’t go to sleep until eleven again last night. I need more than seven hours of sleep per night. I ate a huge breakfast this morning which has me worried I’ll go over on calories today. Today, I made slow cooker chilli with beef, two types of beans and a bunch of veggies. I really enjoy making things in the slow cooker.

March 7 – My mental state this morning was not good at all. I have been having more than a few bad brain days. Of course I want to blame it on what I’m eating or not eating. I want to blame it on spending willpower on doing this challenge instead of taking care of my mental health or being more productive in my life. I definitely experience the feeling that my willpower is a finite resource.

March 8 – Woke up before six this morning after staying up past midnight. At least I had a nap yesterday or I think I’d be completely wrecked. I am giving up pop for Lent this year and it probably is a needed thing as I’m actually up over 280 again… Seeing that definitely didn’t help my emotional state. I’ve been having lots of down days lately and that gives me some anxiety. We went and saw a movie tonight and I did the whole popcorn thing, but because I had a salad for lunch, I had the calories to spare.

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