Battle Royale Game I Want: Space Fighters Battle Royale

I play a lot of Fortnite: Battle Royale, and I really enjoy it, but I can’t believe that more types of Battle Royale games aren’t out yet!

I want a Battle Royale game done in space.

With one hundred people starting out each in a basic fighter in a large solar system with a dozen planets, thirty or so moons, two rings of asteroids, and eight large stations.

Your fighter is basic and has a mining weapon, a decently strong hull, and no shields. Everyone moves around the map, mines asteroids, takes and holds stations, builds deployable and defensive structures, upgrades their ship, and the last ship alive wins.

The Circle Mechanic
The circle mechanic can be tied to a story element of an Alien race closing in on the sun in the center of the map. As they close in a huge swarm of small ships circle the system and shoot the players in their captured zone. This lets players dip into the captured area of space risking being seen and attacked by the swarm, but also provides a potential short-term tactical advantage by risking entering that area.

Starting a Match
How do you start the match? Everyone gets in their ships outside of the solar system, you open the map and click where you want to drop out of hyperspace. As you travel in, two things happen, a destabilizing energy that snakes through the system, makes you have to either change course or not quite get to your selected exit location, and of course, you can change course like you do while landing in any other Battle Royale style game.

You have a certain amount of hyperspace energy, and once you start “jumping in” you can’t stop until it is all gone and you return to normal space where the battle for survival begins.

The Map
The planets, asteroid belts, and space stations can all orbit the sun, making the map change constantly as some have elliptical orbits, orbit at different speeds, and a few things orbit on a different plane. If you are within a certain range of one of those elements, you get caught up in its gravitational wake and travel around the map at the same speed, but outside of that close proximity, if you are at zero velocity, everything will seem to be moving both away from and toward you. The speed at which these things move around the map should be around eighty or ninety percent of the default ships maximum speed, as I feel that will make it more interesting.

If a planet is moving away from you, you can catch up to it, but it may take a while depending on how far it was away when you started to burn towards it.

Going to a planet provides more resources, but has little to no default defences. Asteroid belts are great for defence (hiding behind asteroids) and collecting material to build your own things, such as forcefield bubbles, defensive turrets, traps, mines, and small bases.

Space stations can be claimed by being in proximity for a period of time, and once claimed, they’ll shoot your enemies, though if you leave the station, they’ll quickly forget about you and go back to being neutral. They’ll also repair player ships over time, making them both a strategic advantage, and a risky option to approach.

The sun could be a really cool mechanic as well. When looking towards the sun, lens flares reduce vision. Getting too close to the sun causes heat damage that slowly destroys your hull. If you have solar rechargers, the closer you get, the faster your shields recharge. So too close, and your shields will charge fast, but your hull will slowly burn away.

Ship Improvements
Ship upgrades would include a speed boost, like an afterburner with a fuel amount, better weapons including missiles and some kind of long-range rail gun, better mining equipment, larger storage, more hull strength, better shields, deployable structures such as an energy barrier, small auto-turrets, mines, and small player crafted stations, a cloak that has an energy usage/limit, solar-based energy rechargers, and a super rare phase device that makes your ship untouchable for a few seconds.

To limit abuse of deployable structures, there could be a CPU element and control distance element so that each player can only launch a few deployable items at a time, and if they are out of range, the deployable items power down. So you couldn’t just set up dozens of auto-turrets all over the map.

I wouldn’t want this game to be pay to win so the idea of getting special paint jobs or weapon model designs based on winning or purchasing skins would be cool.

Some other things that could be microtransactioned would include forcefield colour when hit, deployable energy barrier colour, engine trail colour, player made small base model designs, hyperspace sound effect, mining beam colour, and more…

Round Length
I’d like to see it set-up in such a way that a round of this game would take maybe thirty minutes, as I feel that’s a good play quick game length for most people, including myself.

So, can someone make this, please?

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