Space Battle Royale: Part 2

I published a blog post five years ago about a Space Based Battle Royale game that I’d love to play and no one has made it yet, not even me! I still think it has some legs, so I wanted to post more about it in hopes that it might inspire someone.

It is a multiplayer, space combat game where players start with a basic fighter launched from exploding carriers. The goal is to survive and eliminate other players in a shrinking solar system. The game features a unique narrative, strategic gameplay, and various space anomalies to keep the players engaged.

Genre: Multiplayer Space Combat

Platform: PC, Console

Target Audience: Teen to Adult


  1. Match Start:
    • Players are launched from exploding carriers in their basic fighters.
    • Players can see the upcoming star system and their jump fuel through a scanner.
    • Players can pick their destination but must consider space anomalies that might interfere with their journey.
  2. Jump Space:
    • Players perform a short jump towards the selected star system.
    • Once out of jump space, they receive a communication from Earth stating that only a limited number of players can be brought back home.
    • The time left for the vortex engine to charge represents the maximum round length.
  3. Survival and Combat:
    • Players must survive and eliminate other ships to increase their chances of being brought back home.
    • The swarm, an attacking force, slowly closes in on the ships, forcing players into a smaller area.
    • Players can use the swarm as a tactical advantage, but stronger ships are required to withstand its attacks.
  4. Solar System Elements:
    • The solar system has a sun, eight planets with various orbits, moons, an asteroid belt, and NPC space stations.
    • Planets and other celestial bodies can be used for strategic gameplay.
  5. Player Respawn:
    • When a player’s ship is destroyed, they enter a pod.
    • Players can call in a new starter ship, which takes 30 seconds to arrive.
    • If the pod is hit or shot during this time, the player is eliminated.

Game Rules:

  1. Maximum number of players per round: 48
  2. Team sizes: 1, 2, 3, or 4 players
  3. Maximum round length: 30-45 minutes

Art and Aesthetics:

  1. Visual Style: 3D, realistic space environments with high-quality textures and lighting.
  2. Characters: Various human and alien races, each with unique ship designs and appearances.
  3. Environment: Detailed solar system featuring planets, moons, asteroid belts, and space stations.


  1. Soundtrack: Epic orchestral music to enhance the tension and excitement of gameplay.
  2. Sound Effects: Realistic and immersive space combat sounds, including engine noises, weapon fire, and explosions.
  3. Voice Acting: Professional voice acting for the Earth communication and various alien races.


  1. Game Price: It can be sold as a premium title with a one-time purchase price.
  2. Downloadable Content: Additional cosmetic items, ship skins, and expansion packs can be sold separately or maybe using a free/paid battle pass system?
  3. In-Game Currency: Players can earn or purchase in-game currency to unlock new ships skins and other content.


Humanity has evolved into a highly disciplined and militaristic society, drawing inspiration from the relentless determination and unwavering loyalty of ancient legions. Their vast fleets of large carrier ships and small, versatile fighters display an unyielding resolve to conquer the galaxy and protect their territories.

Hailing from the blue jewel of Earth, humans have expanded into the stars, driven by an insatiable desire to explore and secure their dominion. In this endless pursuit, they have become a formidable force in the cosmos, relentlessly pressing forward and leaving their mark on countless worlds.

Their society thrives on order, discipline, and a strict hierarchy, with each individual knowing their place and duty within the grand machine of their civilization. This rigid structure has shaped humanity into a well-oiled military force, capable of swift and decisive action in the face of adversity.

In battle, human forces display a fierce tenacity and unwavering loyalty to their cause, fighting with the conviction that their destiny lies in the stars. They are known for their overwhelming numbers and the unrelenting advance of their fleets, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies.

As they venture further into the cosmos, the humans find themselves in the midst of a brutal war, struggling to maintain their hold on the galaxy. Driven by the spirit of their warrior ancestors and the iron will of their leaders, humanity stands poised to face any challenge that lies ahead, determined to shape their own destiny among the stars.


The Ichtar are an elegant and enigmatic race known for their wisdom, discipline, and innate connection to the cosmos. Their ships feature a sleek design with a central command bridge and powerful engines, reflecting their refined taste and advanced technology.

With a deep spiritual connection to the universe, the Ichtar navigate the stars with unmatched precision and grace. They value efficiency and harmony in all aspects of life, and their society is built upon a foundation of cooperation and mutual respect.

In battle, the Ichtar rely on their agility and cunning to outmaneuver their enemies, prioritizing the survival of their command structure and engines over the lives of their crew. Adhering to a strict code of honor, they believe that the survival of their ship is paramount.

Masters of diplomacy, the Ichtar strive to foster peace and unity among the diverse races of the galaxy. Yet, when pushed to the brink, they are fierce and formidable adversaries, harnessing their combined intellect and spirituality to strike with deadly precision. The Ichtar represent a harmonious fusion of grace, wisdom, and power, making them a captivating and influential presence in the cosmos.

Dai-Nehtid-sa a.k.a. “Nehtid”:

The Nehtid are a tenacious and formidable race, bearing the resilience and adaptability of insect-like creatures and the fierce warrior spirit reminiscent of ancient warrior cultures. Their ships are designed with practicality and protection in mind, featuring large shells on the top and bottom that serve as impenetrable defenses against enemy fire. With powerful limbs that reach out to block incoming shots, the Nehtid vessels are an intimidating presence on the battlefield.

As a species, the Nehtid possess a strong sense of camaraderie and collective strength, valuing the welfare of their community above all else. Their society is built upon a foundation of honor and loyalty, with each member dedicated to upholding their race’s reputation as fearless fighters and skilled tacticians.

In combat, the Nehtid demonstrate exceptional teamwork, using their natural instincts and strategic prowess to shield their vulnerable bridge from harm. They are relentless in the face of adversity, and their sheer determination has earned them a formidable reputation throughout the galaxy.

Balancing their insect-like adaptability with a strong warrior ethos, the Nehtid are a captivating race that inspires both awe and respect. Their unwavering dedication to the protection and advancement of their people is a testament to their resilience and indomitable spirit.


The Kur’Laz are a mysterious and advanced race of energy constructs inhabiting sophisticated armor. Their enigmatic origins and unique biology set them apart from other species in the galaxy, making them a subject of both fascination and intrigue.

Their ships, fashioned from intricate crystal structures, harness the power of the stars and refract light, creating a mesmerizing and ethereal appearance. The Kur’Laz vessels are not only visually stunning but also serve as conduits for their vast cosmic energy, allowing them to navigate and conquer the galaxy with unparalleled efficiency.

The Kur’Laz are deeply connected to the cosmic energy of the universe, wielding their advanced understanding of the cosmos to achieve awe-inspiring feats of technology and strategy. Their society is built upon the principles of knowledge, unity, and the pursuit of enlightenment, making them an enigmatic yet influential force among the stars.

In combat, the Kur’Laz demonstrate a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and futuristic technology, striking with dazzling speed and precision. Their energy constructs, encased in armor, create a formidable presence on the battlefield, leaving shimmering trails in their wake as they glide effortlessly through the void.

With their unique origins and breathtaking abilities, the Kur’Laz represent a fascinating fusion of ancient mysticism and cutting-edge technology. Their captivating presence and unmatched knowledge of the cosmos have made them a powerful and respected force in the galaxy.

Solar System

Solis Major: A sun similar to our own, Solis Major is a life-giving force in this solar system, casting light and warmth upon the planets that orbit it.

Terminus Prime / Vreen’gol [Nehtid] / Elaeris [Ichtar] / Xyvraeth [Kur’Laz] : Once a gas giant, Terminus Prime had its atmosphere stripped away by the sun’s relentless heat, leaving a dense, rocky chthonian planet with a turbulent past.

Pyrion / Kra’zthor [Nehtid] / Thalandra [Ichtar] / Phyrxiel [Kur’Laz] : A small, fiery lava planet, Pyrion is home to violent volcanic activity and a harsh environment that challenges even the most daring explorers.

Selene’s Grasp: This large moon is tidally locked to Pyrion, eternally facing the searing heat of the planet and creating a stark contrast between the blazing side and the frigid dark side.

Haven Station: A player acquirable station, Haven Station offers a strategic foothold in the system and a sanctuary for those looking to regroup, trade, or upgrade their ships.

Errant Moon: Orbiting Pyrion, this small moon has an eccentric orbit that makes it a difficult target and a place where daring pilots can execute high-risk maneuvers.

Nexus Station: A neutral station that serves as a hub for commerce, diplomacy, and clandestine activities, Nexus Station is a melting pot for the diverse inhabitants of the solar system.

Pneuma / Ekt’kress [Nehtid] / Myrionel [Ichtar] / Zenthara [Kur’Laz] : A gas dwarf with a hydrogen and helium atmosphere, Pneuma offers a unique environment for resource extraction and potential technological innovations.

Shipyard 77 Alpha: This ship depot is a vital center for the construction, repair, and upgrade of vessels, attracting pilots from across the system.

Cerberus Field: An asteroid field rich in stone and ore, Cerberus Field offers valuable resources for those willing to navigate its treacherous terrain. Some larger asteroids conceal hidden pockets that can be used for hiding, repairing, mining, or fighting.

Haven Station II: Another player acquirable station, Haven Station II provides a strategic location within the Cerberus Field and a refuge for weary pilots.

Desolation / Skarr’thun [Nehtid] / Sylleth [Ichtar] / Arkluun [Kur’Laz] : A medium-sized dead world, Desolation is a wasteland of rock and dust. Its desolate surface hides valuable resources beneath, making it a site of interest for ambitious miners.

Orbital Mining Colony: Suspended above Desolation, this orbital platform extracts valuable materials from the planet’s crust. Occasionally, a few kilograms of material can be found floating near the platform, available for the taking.

Shipyard 636: A crucial ship depot for pilots in the vicinity of Desolation, Shipyard 636 offers essential services such as repairs, upgrades, and new ship acquisitions.

Verdantis / Quor’vax [Nehtid] / Caelestis [Ichtar] / Quorvion [Kur’Laz] : An Earth-like planet devoid of sentient life, Verdantis is a pristine haven of lush landscapes and untamed wilderness. It holds great potential for colonization and exploration.

Tranquil Moon: Orbiting Verdantis, this regular moon offers a serene vista and a calming presence in the system.

Eden’s Tear / V’laaran [Nehtid] / Orathiel [Ichtar] / Glythrex [Kur’Laz] : This unique moon features an atmosphere and plant life, providing a tantalizing glimpse of a world on the cusp of evolution.

Aquarius Station: A neutral station orbiting Verdantis, Aquarius Station is a bustling hub for trade, exploration, and respite from the harshness of space.

Oceanus: A water-covered moon that holds the promise of untapped resources and scientific discoveries beneath its mysterious depths.

Shipyard Gamma: A strategically placed ship depot near Verdantis, Shipyard Gamma caters to the needs of pilots exploring this Earth-like planet and its moons.

Haven Station III: A player acquirable station offering a strategic base in the vicinity of Verdantis, Haven Station III serves as a vital outpost for adventurers and traders alike.

Jovarion / Ghorr’zil [Nehtid] / Valyndra [Ichtar] / Vaelthris [Kur’Laz] : A super Jupiter-sized ringed planet, Jovarion’s breathtaking beauty and immense size make it a marvel to behold and a challenge to navigate.

Deimos I, II, III, IV, and V: Orbiting Jovarion, these five dead moons offer little in the way of resources, but their barren landscapes may conceal hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Glacis Field: An asteroid field composed of ice and stone, Glacis Field is a treacherous yet alluring expanse, where valuable resources can be found by those brave enough to venture within.

Haven Station IV: Located within the Glacis Field, Haven Station IV is another player acquirable station that serves as a strategic outpost and a safe harbor for pilots navigating the icy asteroids.

Cryovar / Iss’kree [Nehtid] / Ephyrae [Ichtar] / Orysthal [Kur’Laz] : An ice giant, Cryovar’s frozen atmosphere presents a unique environment for daring explorers and scientists seeking to unlock its frigid secrets.

Shipyard CD1: Situated near Cryovar, Shipyard CD1 is an essential ship depot for those venturing into the icy reaches of the solar system, providing repair, upgrade, and acquisition services.

Frostpoint / Drath’klor [Nehtid] / Nymareth [Ichtar] / Syxendis [Kur’Laz] : An icy planetoid, Frostpoint offers a harsh yet intriguing landscape for those seeking to uncover its hidden treasures and challenges.

Haven Station V: The last player acquirable station in the system, Haven Station V serves as a valuable strategic outpost and a refuge for pilots venturing to the outer reaches of the solar system and beyond.

Key Ship Stats

Ships have hull, shields, visual range, mining rate, cargo hold size, primary weapon range, primary weapon damage, max speed, acceleration, turning speed, upgrade slots, cost/value, and special rules.

The starting shuttle could have the following stats:

  • 100 Hull
  • 0 Shield
  • 1 Grid Visual Range
  • 10 Mining Speed
  • 20 KG Cargo
  • 1 Grid Weapon Range
  • 10 Weapon Damage
  • 100 meters/second Max Speed
  • 50 Acceleration
  • 50 Turning Speed
  • 1 Upgrade Slot
  • 10 Currency Cost / Value

Ship stats would scale as you upgrade your ship, with some having special abilities, and you can upgrade your ship by fitting modules into upgrade slots. I have a whole spreadsheet of ideas, but the basic premise is that any stat could be modified to increase speed, cargo hold size, damage, and more. The only stat that can’t be modified by an upgrade is the number of upgrade slots available.


If anyone wants to build this game, please feel free to reach out. I’d love to share all of my ideas and flesh this out further. I still think a space combat Battle Royale style game would be a ton of fun. I know there have been some arena space ship combat games that haven’t done so well, but maybe this concept could be the one?

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