Gaming for Fun and Community

I have been working on growing a small community of like-minded people by streaming on Twitch and posting videos to YouTube, and I’ve been really enjoying it.

At first, I thought for sure I’d be building my community wholly on YouTube because my schedule didn’t really allow consistent live streaming, but even just finding 10 hours that I am pretty sure I can carve out has worked well for me, to the point where I’ve sorta been letting my YouTube community down by not posting there as much anymore.

Anyways, for those that are interested, I am using the tag CanadianTitan for most of what I’m doing.
Check out my Facebook, Twitch and YouTube channels.

I’ve been playing a variety of games, and while this will never be my full-time job (I love my current job btw), I am enjoying the time I put into this and the people I’m meeting. And if somehow it ends up paying for my Internet someday, or for the games that I buy, all the better, right?

I should also note that other people in my family are also streaming. You can often find them through my Twitch channel as I host them when they are live.

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