My Christmas Letter 2016

Well, despite telling myself last year that I wasn’t going to move again in the winter, Annie and I moved again, but I’m getting ahead of myself… In January, I started a new job as Director of Technology at Fortrus Financial. The goal was to help modernize a quasi-financial business in terms of technology and […]

The Loss of Anika

So much loss. Not even a year ago I had to write a post entitled The Loss of Lily, and now I’m back memorializing Anika. Unlike that time, I’ve been sharing my joy and trepidation about the pregnancy on this blog, hoping that it wouldn’t turn out like before. On September 15th, I had to […]

Why Buy an Electric Vehicle?

I’ve read many articles that discuss the fact that electric cars aren’t as “green” as we think and their best suggestion is to not buy any car at all. Unfortunately, that isn’t feasible for most people. We’ve become accustomed to cars, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon due to the high rent or […]

Long Term Depression and Anxiety

I have always been careful about how much I write about my depression and anxiety on this blog because it is public facing and attached to my name. I was concerned it could limit my job opportunities, my potential for success, and make people see me differently. The thing of it is that there is […]

My Christmas Letter 2015

What a year… I don’t have a ton of blog posts written over the last year to pull from, but that doesn’t mean it was uneventful. 2015 will be remembered as a very mixed emotion year. We started by moving from Georgetown to Guelph, heading “west” meant being able to afford a nicer place to […]