Star Trek: Secrets – Page 4

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A restless night sleep after studying the specifications and crew reports was expected, but Leon also knew that he didn’t have to be happy about it. Feeling lethargic, he turned to the replicator in his small bachelor style quarters.

“Half litre glass of water. Five degrees celsius.” The glass appeared and Leon drank it down in a single motion. The cool, refreshing liquid was part of his morning routine, having dropped any caffeinated beverages from his day a few years back.

He thought about the names of his crew, the maximum speed and weapons compliment of the Raven, and wasn’t surprised to see his recall was at one hundred percent when he checked it against the PADD. A quick change into a fresh uniform after cleaning himself up, and Leon felt more prepared to take on the day.

His shuttle, a heavily customized class two shuttlecraft that he named Sherlock, was already prepared for departure from the station. None of the engineering staff in the hanger took a second glance at him as he handed his transfer orders to the chief on duty. The PADD stated that Lieutenant Leon Gabriel was to report to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. The staff were used to him coming and going as he was constantly being reassigned through official Starfleet channels. It was a method to maintain his cover that he never really enjoyed.

“What will you be doing at the shipyards?” The hanger chief on duty asked after skimming the document.

“Working on a new vessel.”

A giant grin crossed the chief’s face. “That’s what I’ve always wanted to do. My dream is to design and construct an engine for a new ship. What will you be working on?”

Friendly was the Starfleet way, and Leon knew it. He dug deep and put on a more cheery exterior. “Well, I’m just working on the warp core’s plasma conduit efficiency. It isn’t glamorous, but I enjoy it.”

The conversation died immediately, and the chief handed back the PADD. Leon laughed inside, knowing that he had basically told the crewman that he worked creating a better garbage system.

Leon entered his shuttle, and took a seat in the primary chair. The Sherlock was imperceptibly smaller on the inside compared to other class two shuttles. A whole suite of both custom designed tools and systems laid in wait for nearly any situation that Leon would need them for. As far as he knew, there was no other shuttle like it, even in Section 31.

He powered up the systems, and the familiar whine of the engines made him feel at ease. The only place he felt safe was inside his own vessel. The fleeting thought pushed him to consider how on edge he would have to be inside the Raven. Could he ever truly trust those he worked with enough to let his guard down?

Large doors slid open wide, an alarm blaring in the distance. A forcefield stopped the room from depressurizing and the Sherlock slowly lifted up from a sea of personal shuttles to begin exiting.

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