Star Trek: Secrets – Page 5

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His vessel was agile and nimble, so it was no surprise that the Sherlock was able to pass through the large bay doors before they were opened all the way. Leon thought he felt a slight reverberation through the hull plating as he cut close to the station’s exit.

Upon reaching the edge of the station’s sensors, he powered up his customizations and his engine efficiency increased to a tenth of a percent away from perfect. He then activated his stealth mode, and a micro-cloaking device. The knowledge that his ship wouldn’t be detected, traced or followed to its destination always filled Leon with a great deal of pride.

On his sensors, he could make out the edge of the cloaking field that hid the Nexus, Section 31’s research and development facility, and the place where his career would change.

Leon tapped on a few icons, and pulled up the communications sub-system. He opened a channel on a short range, low band frequency. “Shuttlecraft Sherlock inbound. Deactivate sensor ghosting and redirection field in grid seven.”

“Please provide verification.” A gruff voice said in response on the same channel.

With the comm channel still open, Leon let out a small growl of dissatisfaction. “Transmitting.” His hands flowed over the console below him as he looked out through the view screen. Security codes were a more recent addition, and Leon found them to be a nuisance. There weren’t many agents that couldn’t find out another agents security code if need be, and he doubted it made Section 31 any more secure from prying eyes than they were before.

Authorization came through, and the Sherlock’s sensors noted the change. Leon terminated the open communication line and looked down at the main control area. “I know this is going to be strange for you, Sherlock, but I promise you’ll be stored in the Raven’s shuttle bay. I’ll still take you out for missions.”

Sentiment for his vessel might have looked odd to outsiders, but Leon could think of hundreds of times where the most reliable person or thing available to him was Sherlock. It didn’t help that the vessel and its only crew member had spent thousands of hours together, alone in space.

As his ship went through the cloaking field, he turned off his own cloak. The research and development station looked larger than the last time Leon had seen it. Sherlock was partly developed within its walls, and the creator of the Raven was one of the same engineers. Leon was interested to see how Commander O’Donnell was doing. It had been two years since the last time they had talked, and it had mostly consisted of an argument about the customizations Leon was making to Sherlock.

A docking port sprung to life, lights covering the exterior. Leon tapped on the console, and his shuttle swung around, and backed into place. Looking like a seed hanging from a branch, Sherlock was almost insignificant in size compared to the Nexus.

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