Star Trek: Secrets – Page 3

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Leon sat in his task chair and opened up the specifications of the Raven. Over a thousand pages of specifications, diagrams and engineering notes were at his fingertips. The ship was sleek, a profile that reminded him of a mix of the Defiant class and Talon class and it fit in between in size.

Slightly larger than the Danube class runabout, the Raven was one of the first in the Artemis class of stealth interceptors. Leon couldn’t help but be unnerved at the close quarters the crew, his crew, was going to have to maintain. Just two decks separated the vessel, with the first being dedicated to the bridge, Captain’s quarters, medbay, and mess hall, while the lower deck was set-up for the rest of the crew quarters and engineering. The detailed specifications went on forever, but Leon wasn’t about to command a ship that he didn’t have intimate knowledge of.

The Admiral had made note in the PADD that his transfer orders were to take place in twenty-four hours, and Leon knew that if he didn’t sleep, he could have the ship specifications and crew files memorized by the time he arrived to take command. Leon quickly thought back to when he had stayed up for four days straight while on assignment and sneered at the challenge ahead of him.

Deeper into the documentation, he made note of the lack of a ready room, conference room, or transporter room. While the ready room and conference room were niceties that he didn’t require, the lack of a transporter room seemed odd until he jumped forward to find that the transporter system was completely integrated into the ship’s systems, and thus a dedicated room was not required.

The computer on his desk beeped and blinked to life. An icon relating to an awaiting message faded into existence. Tapping on it, a video loaded of a thirty-something year old brunette that Leon recognized as his ex-wife.

“Hi Leo, it’s Sam. You are probably busy, so I am just sending a message rather than trying to contact you live. I hope you are doing well.” Her face twisted in such a way that Leon could tell she was being insincere.

“What do you want now?”

“Well, you are probably wondering what I want. I just wanted to let you know that I am re-marrying. I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I don’t know if it even matters to you. Okay, well… bye.”

The message ended and the screen displayed the Starfleet logo. A pang of guilt and frustration sat in the back of Leon’s mind, but he quickly pushed himself to separate from his feelings, and took a deep breath. Her message was a distraction from his duty, and so was their marriage. He knew that Samantha had divorced him because his work always came first, but she never really was able to understand why. Leon took his duties seriously because he was protecting her more than anyone, but to tell her what he really did would just put her into danger. There was love in his heart for her, even still, but he also knew that she wanted far more than he could ever give.

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