Annie and I aren’t the type of writers that can push out 50,000 words of story in a single month. We’ve been working on Second Class Supers for over five months now. With that in mind, we’ve decided not to take part in NaNoWriMo, or the National Novel Writing Month. Instead, I’ve challenged Annie to NaBloPoMo, also known as National Blog Posting Month, which asks you to write 30 posts on your blog before the month is out.

We didn’t sign up officially, with BlogHer or anything, nor are we tagging all of our posts. Our goal isn’t to increase traffic on our blog, but just learn to push out more content regularly. Annie, out of any other person I’ve blogged with that’s a close friend or family member, has really stuck with it and I really appreciate that. I enjoy reading her posts, and witnessing her successes as she gains traffic on her site.

It also helps that Annie and I are competitive. There is a little competition between the two of us to see who can post more, but I think if we can both get to 30 posts or more in November, we will celebrate that as a victory and move forward from there.

We are counting posts relating to creative writing. The only rule we’ve set is that the posts have to be over 200 words. Anything less doesn’t count as a post.

I hope you will all enjoy our little foray into a higher volume of blogging. I can tell you already that December is probably going to be a slower month of posting for both of us.

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