Star Trek: Secrets – Page 2

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Admiral Pine opened a drawer in his desk, and pulled out a PADD. He activated it, and then slid it across his desk towards Leon.

“I don’t know if you even need this, but here are the rest of the specifications for your ship, and profiles on your crew.”

Leon grabbed the thin device, its surface mostly a touch screen display. Already activated, it was displaying a three dimensional representation of the Raven, a small, agile looking ship, with very few amenities. “Sir. If that is everything?”

“You should really look at this as a great opportunity. If you do well, you could soon be the one determining what missions we undertake as an organization. I would think someone with your abilities would be keen to have such control.”

Leon stood fast, his face expressionless as he waited for the answer to the question he had posed. The Admiral’s words weren’t being ignored, but he was done discussing the drawbacks or merits of his assignment.

After a solid minute, the Admiral looked slightly exhausted and a little frustrated. “Yes, you are dismissed.”

Deactivating the PADD, Leon stood up and at attention for a moment before swinging on his heels and marching from the office. There was a sense of dread that hung over his head as the door whooshed closed behind him. Leon had expected to be reprimanded for his recent mission, and wondered if his new assignment was the consequence for the destruction he had caused.

The soft, yellow uniform felt like pyjamas, but it was a disguise he often donned when around Starfleet officers. It was rare that anyone ever stopped someone with a lieutenant rank on their collar if they looked like they were moving with purpose. Leon enjoyed fading into the background. There was something appealing to him about being unknown, but that was all about to change. He dug around in his mind, trying to find some leadership quality that he would be able to use, but frustratingly came up short.

As he thought back through his life, there was one constant: he had never failed at anything. Being an older sibling, he never let his brother win any kind of competition or fight. At the head of every class he had ever taken, he had attracted the attention of Starfleet, and Section 31 before he was sixteen. Leon knew that he would have to figure out how to lead others, and didn’t doubt that he would be successful at it.

An ensign rushed by carrying an armful of tricorders. As he passed, he gave a quick shout. “Sir!”

Leon nodded slightly and watched the young man continue on his way, the pile of devices shaking precariously as he strode.

Once Leon had arrived at his quarters, he looked both ways. He tapped on the small console by his door, and it unlocked before opening. Taking the tricorder he kept by his door, he scanned for electronic bugs, residue from anyone other than himself, and checked the record stored within its memory to confirm that nothing had changed since he took a scan before leaving. A normal part of his leaving and returning routine, it only took Leon a few moments to confirm everything was the way it should be, and he was able to relax as much as his constantly running mind would allow.

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