So, for the last few weeks, I’ve been having a can of Coca-cola each day as my caffeine source, much like people drink coffee each morning. The advantage of this is that it gives me a bit of pep, as I’m not a morning person, and I enjoy the taste of it. Unfortunately, it has more calories and sugar than coffee and is worse for my body.

Previously, when I went a bit crazy with pop, I decided to take a break, to reset. I am going to do that again.

Read the fun I had last time:
Week Without Caffeine
Week Two Without Caffeine

I don’t think I’ll cut myself off completely. I might have a Coke or Coke Zero here and there, or some other soda beverage, but I don’t want it to be a consistent thing. I want things like pop to become a treat, rather than a requirement for starting my day. It is with that in mind that I’m going to spend a week where I can only have one or two cans of coke, and hope for the best.

I know this will help in my long term weight loss, and when I was nearing my goal before, it was a helpful thing to do. Wish me luck…

2 responses to “Caffeine”

  1. I’ve tried to start my day at the office lately by guzzling a 12oz bottle of water first thing. I’d read that it helps give your body a little bit of a pep start and helps your brain get focused too. More water in general is good for you too. I still drink loads of coffee, but you might try adding that to your routine. The additional influx of fluids first thing also makes you drink whatever else in less quantity.

    • I’m drinking lots of water, but for me that’s like pulling teeth. I really don’t enjoy the taste of the water I have. It is Brita filtered tap water, and it just doesn’t taste very good. I might have to buy cases of Dasani, as I seem to prefer that.

      I am doing everything I can to try to get this weight off again… *sigh* but I also know that if I push myself too hard, I’ll burn out of this “diet” quickly versus being able to sustain it for multiple months.

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