Week Two Without Caffeine

So, I have made it another week without caffeine, and other than two periods where I felt horrible and craved Coke heavily, I’m doing much better. There have been days at work where I felt as though I had a lot to do and no energy to do it, and almost cracked and just bought some Coke to drink.

My weight loss has plateaued a bit again, and I’m stuck at the high 260’s. The weight I had gained from drinking so much pop dropped off quickly after stopping, so at least there is that small gain, but it has been a difficult road.

I know that I’ll drink things like Coke and whatnot again, and maybe even an energy drink here or there, but I really want to remain in control of it. Having a convenience store downstairs has been far too convenient, especially when the closest grocery store is over a twenty minute walk away.

I have been increasing the amount of water I drink thanks to the Brita that Annie purchased for my place, and I have been drinking fruit juices here and there to quiet my sweet tooth.

Side note rant: I wish that there was still cranberry juice. Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice used to be my favourite. Now they have Cranberry Juice with 100% Fruit Juice and Cranberry Cocktail. The cocktail has less sugar than the 100% fruit juice version and doesn’t have grape and apple juice added to it, but both of them still have more sugar than the original cranberry juice that I used to drink growing up.

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