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As the evening wound down, Kya excused herself and returned to her room. Turning on her display, she programmed her on demand video service to play through random science fiction shows that had been released in the last five years. Kya felt that it was great background noise, as she rested on her bed.
After only moments of relaxation, her cell phone rang, instead of the normal text vibration that she was used to. She expected it to be a call from Amelia, but was surprised when Mattie’s face appeared on the display. “Oh, hey Mattie. What’s up?”
“I just wanted to confirm we are still on for dinner on Monday. I said I’d pencil you in, did you pencil me in?”
Kya checked her calendar. The phone highlighted the current date, and she noticed that it was Friday. Tapping on Monday, she then typed in Dinner with Mattie.
“Is there a problem?” Mattie said breaking through the silence.
“Nope, I’m good. I just forgot which day it was today.”
“You never change!” Mattie said, her grin showing through her voice.
“I hope that’s a good thing.”
Laughing, they both said their goodbyes and Kya turned her attention back to the movie playing.
Before an entire scene had played through, Kya’s phone buzzed again, and this time it was a text from Amelia.
>We should get together tomorrow. I think I have this figured out.
>Will do. Say around three?
>Perfect, see you then!

Kya got ready for bed, and thinking about her day, she smiled. Her dinner with Sam lifted her mood, and for once, she didn’t feel as anxious to get a Super.

The next morning, Kya got ready and wore her favourite geeky printed t-shirt. She waved at Sam, who was sitting on the couch, as usual, and she rushed out the door without a word.
She gave herself over two hours to get to the park, and decided to walk instead of taking the bus. It would mean going to the edge of the city, a less than safe place to be, but she enjoyed the change of pace. Her headphones covered her ears, and the bass shook her eardrums as she basked in the melodies of her favourite walking songs. Kya couldn’t remember the last time she just stopped everything and went for a long walk. The entire world was quiet, relaxing, and the occasional late spring breeze felt nice against Kya’s sun kissed skin.
Arriving at the park, Kya could see why Amelia had picked it, as there was no one around. The play structures were overgrown and the paint had mostly peeled from the equipment. The grass hadn’t been cut in a long time, and the sign, which once was where the city put its own rules and regulations, had been long since covered over with a sign by the corporation that had purchased the park. Rust, weeds, and cracked pavement were all that were left of the abandoned section of town.
Taking off her headphones and turning her music off, she looked around for her friend.
“Hey K, over here!” Amelia shouted, standing near the last two swings still in a reasonable state of repair.
With nearly a street block of distance between them, Kya couldn’t make out all of Amelia’s features. She knew her friend looked a little different, but couldn’t put her finger on what it was.
In a blink, the distance between them was gone, and Amelia was nearly standing on Kya’s toes. Her eyes blazing in excitement.
Kya stumbled, but caught her footing. She almost fell backwards as her personal space was invaded.
“Isn’t it great? I can teleport!” Amelia grinned wildly.
“That’s awesome!” Kya said, regaining her composure.
“Yeah, I guess I’m still having issues with things, but it is getting a lot better.” She shook her head slightly stepping backwards two paces as she continued. “You know, I didn’t mean to teleport so close. Sorry, K.”
Kya opened her mouth to respond.
“I haven’t actually done it much.” Amelia started laughing lightly, “I’m still trying to figure it out.” She took a deep breath and continued, her eyebrows knit together slightly. “Yes, I am trying to be careful.”
Kya made a noise that would have started a word, but Amelia cut in again. “Oh, yeah. I have Telepathy as well. And Teleportation, as you saw, and Water Breathing.”
Kya moved the hair from her face, and pushed it behind her ear. Amelia followed suit, mirroring her movements. Amelia’s hair changed, and the strands that were touched looked exactly like Kya’s own hair, right down to the faded purple streaks.
“What was that?” Kya exclaimed, forgetting about Amelia’s mind-reading abilities for a moment.
“Oops, I don’t have the best control yet. The other two powers I have are Body Manipulation, which is how I was able to mimic your hair and one called Adomopathy.” Amelia’s speech raced as she continued to explain. “I hadn’t heard about it before either, but apparently I can copy any move or action I see. If I see someone pour a perfect leaf design on a latte, I can pour one the exact same way.”
Kya listened intently as they turned and sat upon the old swings. While they were rather uncomfortable, she noted that they were also the only thing around to sit on that wasn’t dirty or rusted, and that made them the best option.
Amelia continued with her examples without missing a beat. “If someone does ballet and I see it, then I can do it too. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar, and now I can. I just have to watch some videos online and I’ll know how to do it. Isn’t that awesome?”
Kya smiled at her friend, and a little fear entered her mind. Are all Supers so manic when they first get their powers? Kya thought to herself.
“I don’t know.” Amelia responded. A look of fear entering her eyes.
“Please don’t do that…”
Amelia deflated slightly. “Sorry. I am not really in full control of my abilities yet.” Amelia was moving around slightly in the seat, the chains of the swing vibrated and squeaked loudly. “This is just so amazing. I feel like I can do anything.”
Kya looked off at the edge of the park, where a tall tree was blowing in the wind and wondered, how far could she teleport?
In a split second, without a warning, the swing next to Kya was empty, and standing next to the tree was Amelia, waving back franticly. Standing up, Kya slowly lifted her hand to wave back at Amelia, but before she had waved once, her friend was back by the seat of the swing.
“I don’t know how far I can go.” Amelia said.
“Oh? How many times have you done that?”
“Maybe half a dozen now. I think I can go as far as I can see, though the guy that did this said that some people with both Teleportation and Telepathy can travel as far as friends or family they can focus on in their mind.”
“That’s really amazing. Is that why you picked those two powers? And that Adomo-thingy…” Kya was itching to ask what the procedure was like, and where she went, but she also wanted to give Amelia time to revel in and share the experience, instead of just focusing on her own selfish desires.
Amelia locked eyes with her, and nodded graciously with her mouth closed. She took a deep breath through her nose and then smiled. “This place is wonderful, isn’t it?” She sighed. “It’s so quiet here.”

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