Week Without Caffeine

So, I went a little crazy for a month when it comes to drinking Coca-cola, and so I recently cut myself off cold-turkey until I feel a bit more normal.

At first, I was drinking one to wake up each day, and then after a week or two, it was one to wake up and one in the afternoon, and then finally, two to wake up, and one in the afternoon. Drinking three cans of pop each day is not healthy, and I know it. I decided that I couldn’t have cases of it in my apartment anymore as I don’t have the greatest willpower when it comes to pop.

The first few days of stopping drinking Coke was hard. Really hard. I had headaches, felt very irritable, and was astonished at how strong the effects of caffeine withdrawal felt. Sure, I had been drinking Coke for a few years, but never coffee or tea, and so I figured that I would never get into the cycle that most people get with caffeine dependancy, and definitely didn’t think it could happen so quickly.

I am slowly getting back to normal. I still feel a little like a person suffering depression. My mood is sometimes all over the place. I am exhausted in the early afternoon, and I crave caffeine almost constantly. I was actually almost willing to drink coffee the other day to get some pep into my blood. Thankfully, these strange feelings are getting to be less and less each day.

While I don’t intend on never having Coke again, I definitely don’t think it was a great experience for my weight loss, nor did it make me any happier or more productive. I can see though why it is so hard to reduce or remove caffeinated beverages from a diet though, as the withdrawals are difficult and seemingly without an end benefit.

2 responses to “Week Without Caffeine”

  1. When I was in Grade 8 (sometime in the 70’s), I did a health project on caffeine as a narcotic. I’ve never forgotten it is actually a drug, an addictive one. Moderation David, moderation 🙂

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