rocketgenius Hires Support

So rocketgenius recently added a new person to our support team. How did we find this person? It wasn’t from my blog post that I put up recently (rocketgenius Hiring Support Personnel), nor the tweet that Carl sent out, but instead, it was because he had spent so much time helping users in our support forums.

Richard Vav had been posting constantly helping people for the last two months or so. He learned how we provide support and replicated our procedures, making sure to do things just like we would. His assistance was super useful the last couple of months as our support needs have increased, and it was a natural fit to have him join the team and get compensated for all of his efforts.

This kind of thing happens constantly from what I’ve seen online. If you display your passion, your skill and your willingness to work, someone will see that, value it and potentially, turn what you decide to do into a paying career.

Come to think of it, that’s how my career online started to begin with. I spent time investigating the WordPress community, engaged with comments on popular blogs, wrote content on my own site, asked popular figures for interviews, took a volunteer role, and eventually made writing online my career for nearly five years.

I am so happy to have Richard on our team, and I think there are still opportunities for others to join the rocketgenius team, or other premium support teams if they are just willing to spend some time proving themselves. The opportunities are out there, and you have to chase them down, as they won’t come to you.

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