rocketgenius Hiring Support Personnel

Remember how I said you should follow Carl’s twitter if you wanted to know about what’s happening with Gravity Forms? (Upcoming Changes to Gravity Forms)

Well, this just popped up about five hours ago:

If you are interested in working on helping support Gravity Forms, I suggest you get ahold of him. The job is open to remote workers, and the company is amazing!

The right candidate will have to have a near expert level understanding of WordPress, and a good understanding of Gravity Forms. I suggest you only apply if you also have a good understanding of CSS and lastly, I’m sure they’d love if applicants had a decent understanding of JavaScript, specifically JQuery.

If you want to work with a company that is moving quickly, doing amazing things, and has a team of super talented developers, then you will want to apply today, as I’m sure there will be a number of interested parties. I should warn you though, the founders are super picky at who they hire, but from my perspective, that’s not a bad thing.

Good luck to all those that apply!

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