Wedding Update

So, there isn’t much new with regards to my upcoming wedding as of yet. We have started production on the paper flowers, and have gotten some cutting dies that are making the process much easier and faster. We spent some money on getting the books we wanted. Thankfully, all of that money thus far was in the form of gift cards.

We still do not have a date set for our wedding. We had to wait for a change in priests and picking up my fiancee’s updated baptismal record.

Without a date, we haven’t done much on getting quotes on how much things will cost or securing a photographer.

There is so much to do, and the days and weeks are ticking by so quickly. Hopefully, it will all work out. We are anxious to start our lives together.

The plan is to get the date sorted out before the end of July, and then spend August finding out prices for things, and trying to secure a reception venue, food, photographer, and the like. We have both heard about people putting together a wedding quickly, so we aren’t too worried yet, but I think we would be much more comfortable if things were coming together faster and easier.

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