Humble Bundle Book Edition

I am going to recommend you purchase something, so if you aren’t interested in my suggestions regarding such things, you can skip this post.

For everyone else, go to the Humble Bundle website, and purchase the book bundle they currently have up.

spin-robert-charles-wilsonWhy would you want to do this? You can get four great novels for any amount of money. You could spend two dollars and get four novels. I think Spin by Robert Charles Wilson is worth more than that on its own. If you like science fiction, then you’ll likely love Spin.

Here’s a summary of the plot:

Tyler, Jason, and Diane witness the stars disappear one night. What follows is a science fiction novel like no other. A “spin membrane” has been placed around Earth, distorting the natural ebb and flow of time. As the three children grow up with “The Spin,” they come to deal with it in their own way.

If you pay more than ten dollars, you’ll get six novels, including Wil Wheaton’s Just a Geek.

You have fourteen days to jump on this offer before its over. With a single paperback being around ten dollars, how can you pass up six for that price, especially when you know at least two of them will be really great. How will you know they’ll be great? Because I’m recommending them. I haven’t read Just a Geek yet, but I read the sample included on the Humble Bundle website, and was enjoying it. I’ll likely be purchasing the bundle myself, despite that being the only novel listed that interests me, having already purchased Spin.

So please, head over to the Humble Bundle website. Your purchase will support organizations like the EFF, Child’s Play Charity, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Did I mention all the books are DRM free and multi-format?

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