Weight Trending Downwards

So, since giving up caffeine, I have severely cut my intake of pop, and in doing so, I’ve also become acutely aware of my weight again. Thankfully, over the last week, I’ve been trending downwards. My last weigh in a week ago read 276 pounds, but throughout the day, I haven’t gone higher than 271 pounds, with the scale mostly reading just under 270.

I usually take a few readings a day to get an idea of what my weight is really doing, versus trying to make assumptions based on one reading at a random time of day, with various factors at play.

I know I could be down even more if I hadn’t eaten so much junk food on the weekend, but I’m hoping that over the next two weeks, I can get down to 265 pounds, deeply entrenched in the sub-270 weight zone, and on my way to be sub-260.

While things are happening much slower than I would really like, I can’t really complain. I am still on a slow downward trend, and should reach my personal goal before my thirty-first birthday in the fall.

I am still strongly considering Weight Watchers, though I don’t know if it will be right for me. I could lose weight faster by modifying my eating habits, and spending more time focused on food preparation, but will I stick to such modifications to my routine and life? The slow pace of change has made it easier to stick to, where I feel like Weight Watchers, if not done correctly could be another diet failure leading to frustration, something I know all too well from my previous attempts to lose weight.

I know I have a strong support system here in Georgetown, but no weight loss tool has worked for me up to this point beyond calorie counting and getting in a high amount of protein.

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