Writing Every Day is Difficult

I had intended on writing a page of creative writing each day, but that is turning out to be harder than I thought, and trying to keep a tally of how many I need to write to make up for days I’ve missed is just causing me stress. The goal that I had set only works if I have more free time than I have now, and I’m not away for weekends.

It is really difficult to set aside an hour a day to write, and that bums me out a bit, but then I think about the trade-off and that I have someone wonderful to spend time with, am busy due to friends and family obligations, and that I have a great job to work at, and I can’t really complain.

I am hopeful that I can keep writing though, and produce many more pages before lent ends and continuing through the year as I come up with ideas. What has been really amazing is that a few people have liked the pages I’ve posted and that makes me feel like my time is not being wasted in producing more content. Also, Annie has offered to help me with editing once I get further along, so I might go back and edit the pages with her and re-post a more cohesive, edited, polished version of my various writing on here at some point, which is exciting.

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