Locked Out of My Apartment

So, I’ve been living in Georgetown for over a month now, and I’ve never needed to unlock the exterior door. It remained unlocked the entire time, and so I never needed to test that key. Unfortunately, for the first time last night, it was locked upon returning home, and I was unable to get into the building to get to my apartment.

I was a bit frustrated by this, and so I searched out the company phone number relating to the owners of the building. I called them, and the owner of the building pretty much told me “sorry about your luck”. His flippant response made me very frustrated and I was steaming a little. Thankfully, Annie was there, and we went back to her place and I slept on the couch.

I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have anywhere to go. Today, one of the other people that work here running this building gave me the correct key that I need, and was super apologetic, so I don’t feel as angry about the whole thing, but it seems silly that they wouldn’t have come across this issue before, and had someone available locally to come and unlock doors in the late evening.

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