Dissecting Tech – Page 16

Dropping down close to the planet’s surface, Mars became a three dimensional world with canyons and mountains strewn across its landscape. The Resurrection dipped between the peaks and valleys and the landscaped zipped on by, but was nearly unchanging. Like a desert that went on forever, Mars was aptly named the Red Planet.

Chris was the first to speak up as they moved deep into a shadowed canyon, “Do you guys feel as amazed by all of this as I do?”

Matthew nodded slowly without speaking, and Alexander was focused on keeping in touch with the navigational system of the ship. He found he didn’t have to pilot it so much as keep himself aware of what the ship was doing and giving it basic directions and instructions. The ship almost seemed to have its own self-preservation in mind as it dodged rocky outcroppings and raised itself above stone shelves.

After an hour of flying along the surface of the planet, Alexander was slightly distracted by a groaning noise from behind him. Turning, he saw his cousin with a slight embarrassment on his face, “Sorry guys, that was my stomach.”

Having picked them both up fairly early, he doubted that either had ate, and Alexander couldn’t really remember the last time he had eaten anything either. The ship sprang to life without another thought or word, and their three consoles all started to shine, as they did when they created the clothing, or the remotes, but instead of a machine, food began to appear.

Half of a medium sized looking pepperoni pizza appeared in front of Chris, four large pieces of sushi appeared in front of Matthew, and a bowl of chill and a baking powder biscuit appeared in front of Alexander. Instantly, the cabin was filled with the wonderful aroma of chill and pizza. All three men turned to look at each other and grinned widely. Alexander knew that they had been given their favourite foods, but was a little unsettled by the idea. He wondered, almost muttering, had he told the computer, or had it just pulled the information from Alexander’s mind?

Without waiting for a word, Chris was already slurping down his pizza. Matthew poked at his sushi, almost seeming to wonder if it was real or not, and Alexander continued to wonder if he had told the computer or not. Sometimes, the bond between them was so strong, he could barely tell where his mind ended and the computer system began.

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