Who Do You Think You Are Rant

There is a show on TLC called Who Do You Think You Are, and it is probably the only show on that channel that gets me to tear up. The premise of the show is to take a celebrity and help them learn about their family history and genealogy. The celebrity travels from place to […]

Big Rigs and Rush Hour

I hate driving. If it was up to me, I’d live next to my work and have everything else delivered to me. The worst part of driving is that pretty much everyone has the same schedule. Most of us need to be at work between eight and nine in the morning and head home between […]

Starter and Pick and Pay TV Options Suck

With Netflix charging $8 per month for all of their content, Bell’s Crave charging the same, and Rogers Shomi charging $9 per month for their digital video on demand services, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to continue to purchase cable TV packages. Especially when you see that the new pick and pay single […]

Does Creating Employment Really Matter?

This post is a bit of a rant, and is a bit of a brain dump. You’ve been warned. I’ve been thinking about the changes we are experiencing in modern first-world countries especially. I have been keeping track of the basic income movement and I see a strange set of mental blockers in our culture […]

Saving For a House

In the GTA, house prices have been going up by between 3% and 13% per year. An average home in the GTA is now $380,453. Annie and I would love to buy a house, but we don’t currently have any savings, and are actually in a bit of debt. With our income being how it […]

Christmas Stress

I know Christmas is not supposed to be all about the money, but I also feel like it is hard to give things to people that they want without it. We live in a consumer based world, and how do you go into a home with something that they’ll enjoy when the things they want […]

100 Percent Wind Powered Denmark

Denmark is making the news today because it has had a day where its wind power energy production was higher than its total usage (Source: Energy Transition). As a country, they are looking to have one hundred percent of their energy be from renewable resources by 2050. The Danes have loads of relatively inexpensive wind […]