Purolator and Other Delivery Services

I’ve never understood why delivery companies can’t take the time to contact people before they deliver packages, or move their hours for residential deliveries to the evenings? Who the heck is home at one in the afternoon on a Tuesday? I could potentially make myself available if I knew a package was coming at that time, on that day, but otherwise, I’m stuck trying to either convince them to attempt another delivery on a random day and time in hopes that I’ll be home, or go to the depot to pick up my stuff.

Without my car, this is a major inconvenience to me. I just wish there was a better system for receiving packages.

Update: Purolator is going to do a scheduled re-delivery. They couldn’t limit it by time of day, but thankfully I work from home on Friday and will be here all day to receive my packages.

2 responses to “Purolator and Other Delivery Services”

  1. Answer: It’s cheaper/quicker/easier for them the less packages they actually have to hand to a person, and people put up with it. Ain’t business grand?

    • I know that it definitely can be less expensive for them to actually deliver packages, but it doesn’t make for a better business model. I would pay a few extra dollars to have “scheduled” shipping where I could pick a block of time on a specific day to have my package arrive once it is at a local shipping depot.

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