Weekly Meetings

Where I work there are numerous weekly meetings to discuss all kinds of things, and being that one of the three responsibilities of my job is usually part of the agenda, I’m often involved in the meetings. I don’t mind meetings all that much, and while some of them I dread, others I look forward to.

One weekly meeting that is going well, is the weekly all staff meeting at Charity Marketing Group. We sit around the table, and everyone listens to what everyone else is doing. It reminds me of the monthly meetings that I was part of at the County of Bruce when I was there.

We get to discuss various things, and keep everyone (specifically our boss, Dan) up to date on what is going on with the company.

The other day, our accountant and our operations manager were discussing things, and they were using all kinds of terms that I didn’t understand. When I jokingly brought up the fact that I was lost, Mandy, the Product Manager, was quick to quip, “now you know how we feel when you talk.”

I do try to keep my updates as non-technical as possible, but a great deal of my job is very technical.

We were all in stitches, and the boost of moral that we get, and the sense of involvement we feel like we have at the end of these meetings has really helped in growing the corporate culture, and making us feel like a more cohesive group. I know that every week, I will get face time with everyone in our company, and they’ll let me know what they are up to.

Sometimes, we even have ideas that might help each other out, or find things that almost slipped through the cracks. Our weekly round tables, just like the monthly round tables we had at the County, have always been very helpful to me, and I hope that more companies, departments, or divisions take the time to sit down, rattle off some bullet points of what each person is up to, and find a little time for conversation and humour between staff that doesn’t get to interact often.

I won’t say much about my other weekly meetings… but most of them do not have such a positive effect on me or the company I work for…

What’s your take on weekly meetings? Are they all a drag, or have you had any that helped bring the company together?

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