Why I Work So Hard

So, in my previous post (So Much Work), my mom asked what I really had to gain from working my butt off at this company, and I wanted to take a second to answer her, but in a post, rather than just a comment.

While I might still look at other jobs, and be tempted by their offers, it will take a lot to get me to leave. Charity Marketing Group is the first company I’ve worked at where I could see myself staying forever. It is the first company that not only tries to make me happy by finding ways to create the flexibility I’m looking for, but also gives me as much ownership as I’m willing to take on.

It is the first company where I personally know someone that started as an Admin Assistant and is now the Operations Manager after less than four years. A company where the President has worked very hard to change people’s opinion of my position from one of a computer tech, to the CIO of two companies. A company where when I told them I was taking another job, Dan told me to write a list of what would make me stay, and he’d do everything in his power to make it happen (as long as it was reasonable). How many companies fight for their employees like that?

Having so much control, while being allowed to work from home and making the money that I make is almost the exactly what I’m looking for.

With promise of staff to help reduce my burden, and a budgetary commitment for my own department, I’m feel like there is very little left to strive for.

As long as five more months don’t pass at such an extreme amount of overwork, I’m sure I can make it, and as help arrives, I’ll be even more happy with what Charity Marketing Group has done for me, and if I do ever have the option to receive some ownership over the company, I’ll take it gladly, as Dan is a caring boss with even more on his plate than anyone he employs.

I just hope that I don’t burn out waiting for the help I’ve been promised…

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