So Much Work

Right now, with everything going on, I’m working like mad. I’ve been with Charity Marketing Group for going on eight months now, and in all that time, there has been very few slower periods. Most of the time, the company, and my duties are going at a break-neck speed. I’m almost always near my maximum stress point. By the end of every day, I attempt to unwind. Weekends have become almost as stressful as the weeks passing by. There is so much work to be done, and my lists just keep getting longer.

Just as I get a handle on online marketing, web development tasks steal my attention. When I get web development sorted, I.T. work has fallen behind and needs a great deal of work.

While I have been in stressful, start-up company environments before, I keep hoping for a time in my career, somewhat like what I had at the County of Bruce, where I feel like I’m knowledgeable to handle anything that comes my way, and that I have the time to complete my list of tasks correctly.

I’m trying to stay positive, but sometimes, when I look at my list of things I need to do, and it spans multiple pages, I’m locked into indecision. With so much to accomplish, where do I start? How do I prioritize?

Each small victory, every change, they all help make me feel better about what I am doing, but I am still so far away from where the company needs me to be, and where I see the company getting to that I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to relax again any time soon.

6 responses to “So Much Work”

  1. Well, honey… maybe this is being put in your path for a reason – maybe you need to learn ‘work-life balance’ while you are on your own. Once you have managed to have a better handle on ‘work-life balance’ then you will have time (and energy) for a relationship. Just my thoughts on what you wrote. Hang in there bud!
    I love you!

    • I’m definitely not looking for a new relationship any time soon. That’s not anywhere near the top of my priority list. I’m enjoying being on my own for the most part. As for learning a work-life balance. I know what it is supposed to be like, but when you work for a start-up, it is just one of the things that is “expected” you’ll give up. I’ve been fortunate in that Dan has made plenty of concessions to make my life a bit easier, but a great deal is expected from me as we try to build this business into a bigger success.

      • Okay. Good to know. One question though – Are you a shareholder of this company? I mean to you get any profits for building “this business into a bigger success”? It sounds to me that you are working very, very hard and I’m just hoping that you are benefiting from all of your efforts.
        My comments about work-life balance are from a place of concern and love. πŸ™‚

      • I’m not a shareholder, but I do directly benefit from its success. I’ll explain more in a post soon, and I do appreciate the comments. πŸ™‚

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