Not Having a Car

So, a little while back, I gave my car to some close friends of mine, and have been living without a vehicle for the last two weeks. There have definitely been a few snags in dealing without a vehicle, and as the summer heat comes more often, I’ve been cursing the fact that Brockville has a weak public transit system. If I was living in Ottawa, living without a car wouldn’t be an issue, but Brockville is definitely a different story.

I’m hoping in the coming weeks to purchase a bike that I can use to get around, and maybe a bigger backpack to transfer goods around. I’m also going to budget some funds to use a taxi when certain things come up.

Even with buying a bike, and funding some taxi trips, I still should be spending less money on transportation than I was before, and giving myself more incentive to exercise, which will help my weight loss goals.

By the end of the summer, I hope to have a decent system in place, and by creating one, I’ll no longer feel the tug of the convenience that was being a car owner.

2 responses to “Not Having a Car”

  1. Our van broke down in January and we haven’t really had a vehicle since then. Fortunately, since you know how small town is, we have some very caring friends who have leant us a car for larger grocery trips in that other town down the road but we’ve been getting along quite well without one. With the price of gas, I’m really not sorry about it and it has forced us all to do a lot more walking…which is a good thing! Funny how you can do without things when you have no choice. Hope you find a good bike…I know Seth sure is enjoying using your old one to get back and forth to school… 🙂

    • That poor van… It had to die someday. I’m glad you’ve been finding ways to live without it. I don’t know if I could do that in Walkerton, I felt like I was always going to Hanover for things… As for my old bike, I’m glad to hear it is getting used.

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