I Miss Blogging

There are sometimes, like right now, where all I want to do is write. I want to write about Windows 8, my cousin’s motorcycle purchase, photography, libreoffice, installing laptops for people at work… Right now, I feel like I could endlessly write about the things going on in my life and the things I enjoy. I miss having more time to write, and while I hate letting moments like this go, I have to do some more writing and planning for work because I want to keep my job.

2 responses to “I Miss Blogging”

  1. Good to hear your ‘voice’ again…miss the interesting commentaries. Wish I had you with me today with your awesome camera skills…was in Niagara Falls at baton comp with Amelia and there was this really cool canal near the hotel, sun shining, flowing water, a little mist, early morning gleam on the trees..but alas, I don’t have your ‘eye’…sigh.

    • Thanks, for both the comment and the compliments. I really do wish I had more time, energy and focus to write. I’ve got so much going on, but it is mostly work related as it quickly consumes my life again… Glad my favourite of your children is still working hard on baton. (don’t tell your other kids…) 🙂

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