Big Rigs and Rush Hour

I hate driving. If it was up to me, I’d live next to my work and have everything else delivered to me. The worst part of driving is that pretty much everyone has the same schedule. Most of us need to be at work between eight and nine in the morning and head home between four and five in the evening.

The roads and highways are packed with cars and dealing with the slow to accelerate, low visibility, large sized big rigs hauling thirty to eighty feet of trailer. It makes the rush hour commute even more harrowing than it needs to be.

I wish there was a law in place that banned big rigs from being on the roads between seven to nine in the morning and four to six in the evening. This could free up a ton of room on crowded roads and prioritize non-commercial traffic getting to work or home again.

The large transport trucks would still have a great deal of time to move goods and while not ideal for many professional truck drivers, I think it would be a popular idea for most commuters, especially in and around the GTA.

What do you think? Is this idea dumb? If you drive short or long haul, I’d love to know how this would affect you.

In the end though, the change from rail to trucks has increased road traffic, and we need ideas and solutions to improving traffic in congested areas.

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