I haven’t talked much about it on my blog yet, but almost a year ago now, I co-founded a company with a friend of mine, David Krug. He has an even longer history with WordPress than I do, though just as diverse in terms of experiences. The company was started to bring better technology and optimization opportunities to WordPress powered websites making a profit with a goal of helping them make more profit.

PressTitan is part managed WordPress hosting and part WordPress service agency with a focus on site performance and proactive care.

Often, the first question I get is “how is PressTitan unique?” Well, unlike many other WordPress care companies, we also provide top-tier hosting services so we aren’t limited/restricted by the poor technology of some of the budget web hosts that exist. And unlike managed WordPress hosting, we provide full proactive site care. We don’t just update your plugins, but we provide consulting on why a certain plugin might not be optimal, we point out opportunities that exist to make your site even better, and we look for improvements that can be made and chase them down, even if that sometimes means dusting off my intermediate programming abilities.

We work exclusively with businesses that understand that good technology, while not cheap, can provide large business benefits. We’ve seen this time and time again as we’ve onboarded customers who then in subsequent months receive more traffic, better search rankings and a higher amount of conversions. For example, we have recently helped a WooCommerce site that was loading in eight to fifteen seconds per page load. We migrated them over to our platform, fixed their WooCommerce install, and then optimized the site so that it now loads in about one and a half seconds per page. Some of our sites load pages in around half a second and feel like pre-loaded applications on your computer or cell phone when you view them. That probably excites me more than it would most people…

The business is doing very well, and Krug and I have slowly worked towards unique roles while keeping a finger on what the other person is doing so that we aren’t caught unaware or unable to fill in for each other. We are the only two full-time staff members right now, but we are looking at growing our team. Every week, he and I discuss new technologies, new WordPress developments, plugins our clients might be interested in, opportunities for performance improvements, and much more. The calls are always invigorating and keep me super excited and passionate about what we are achieving here.

Growing a company is more difficult than I thought, but David Krug has been and continues to be a strong co-founder, making this whole process so much easier and something we can both balance with our family obligations. We realize PressTitan isn’t for everyone, and we’ve turned down some people that have wanted to sign up because the fit wasn’t there, but with slow and careful growth and a reasonable, though premium pricing, we feel we have a winning formula.

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