1 Million Calories – Week 7

Feb 11 – I woke up with a sore neck to take care of the dog just after six this morning, but thankfully, Annie and I went to bed by around 10:30 PM, so I got a fair amount of sleep. I skipped breakfast today, and I am in the process of having a snack instead of lunch. We will likely have lupper in another hour or two as Annie has an evening class at school.

Feb 12 – It wasn’t a great day for eating and I had way too many carbohydrates and simple sugars, but it was needed. I didn’t sleep enough and needed caloric energy to make my brain go. I hate feeling that way.

Feb 13 – I ate like crap today. I had junk for breakfast and junk for snacks in the evening but we did go see Alita: Battle Angel and that was cool.

Feb 14 – How does a bowl of cereal end up being 700 calories! I know it was pretty big and heaping, but come on. We had my cousin over for the evening and ended up having Thai food again. I really love the local Thai place. Beef, veggies and rice with their sauce tastes so good but uses quite a bit of calories. I was less than 100 calories away from going over today.

Feb 15 – I really tried to be careful with my carbs and calories today and thanks in part to my snack of mini Twix bars, I used up far more than I had intended. I still ended the day with over 400 calories remaining but I can’t help but beat myself up over the 450 calories I used eating chocolate. I was down 1.4 pounds versus last week, and 0.8 pounds since my lowest recorded. If I have a good week this week, I’ll be exiting the 280’s for the first time in a long time.

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