1 Million Calories – Week 6

Feb 4 – staying at my aunt’s this week means that there won’t be as many video clips and my normal patterns are a bit thrown off. I am using up almost all of my calories today and got pretty close yesterday.

Feb 5 – I spent the night giving my food to the toilet through the entry hole after getting a bad migraine. So that was less than fun. It took me until supper time to be able to eat. After dinner, I watched Adam Ruins Everything’s season three premiere episode and found a great stat that lines up with what I have been feeling: processed food is cheaper per calorie. They reference a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 79.1 (2004) that shows that you can get 1200 calories of chips and cookies for a dollar or 250 calories of whole foods like carrots. That’s almost a five times difference.

Feb 6 – I woke up this morning with a pretty bad headache again. Had a decent breakfast at home after dropping Annie off at school and got to work. It has been really hard to focus on work at my aunt’s place. While I can work anywhere, it is more efficient to work from home, especially when not feeling well. It has been harder to vlog/blog about my experiences this week. I do want to note that I am currently up half a pound over my last weigh in. I wonder how this Friday will shape up. I almost used up all of my calories today, but after yesterday, I am not too worried about what that means for my week. It was a good day, other than my continued headache.  

Feb 7 – I am a week into February and I’m eating about an average of 100 calories per day more than I did in January. I need to work on that for the rest of this month. I am almost at 10 days worth of banked calories at full daily usage. I really do feel that by the end of this Challenge, I will have around 150,000 – 250,000 calories remaining unused. I woke up this morning with a tinge of head pain. It feels like my brain is bruised. This is a normal side effect for me of a migraine. My stomach is still not back to one hundred percent, but that’s okay. I got a good night sleep and I am ready to get through my day, starting with a can of coke… Don’t judge me!

Feb 8 – I really wanted to get my calories down today, but we ended up having pizza for supper. I was able to do okay though and end the day with a little over 800 calories remaining for the day. Being away from home definitely has its drawbacks, even with going back during the day sometimes to work on work. I also don’t know why I’ve been so hungry lately. It is really frustrating.

Feb 9 – We went to get an optometrist appointment scheduled and then had lunch at East Side Mario’s. It has been a while since we ate there. I didn’t end up having a pasta dish but still walked away having eaten more than one thousand calories in a sitting. Dinner was leftover pizza, and I was so tempted to go over today. I really wanted to snack on some junk food in the evening. It was super hard tonight. I don’t know why, but going over feels like failing. I keep trying to tell myself it isn’t, but my brain isn’t always nice to me. It’s like if I fail once by going over then I’m a failure, and why do this? Logically, I know that’s silly, but emotionally, it is hard for me. I really want to end the year with hundreds of thousands of left-over calories so I can prove to myself that I don’t need to binge eat several thousand calories every few days or every week. I want to do better but when I’m having a bad brain day, I wonder why I’m doing this at all.

2 responses to “1 Million Calories – Week 6”

  1. Being sick just plain sucks. It’s not unusual to feel extra hungry – it’s a side effect of your body “wanting” to stay it it’s current weight.
    I’ve observed the same thing regarding prepared food vs fresh – in my case, it’s a positive, as I’ve replaced high-calorie processed foods with fresh fruit and vegetables as snacks. Big fan of chopped carrots and celery with hummus.

  2. The affordability and convenience of junk food make making good choices far harder than it needs to be. I know the feeling of why am I doing this? You are doing this to see what happens and to educate yourself and others and to show that you have the follow through to complete a long term project. Having a day where you go over is not a failure. You are succeeding far more often.

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