Helping a Friend: PCM Industrial Solutions


Recently, my wife’s co-worker’s husband, Manuel, asked if I could help him with his business website: PCM Industrial Solutions. I took a look, and it was built using a WYSIWYG editor and needed some serious help. I compiled some changes he should make and presented him with the list.

After an hour of talking, he was asking if I could make the changes. Typically, I don’t take on such projects anymore. Freelance work can be nice here and there, but I’ve been very busy with work and my own life, so I wasn’t looking to take on a project.

I assumed it would take me a few hours to deal with it, and over the course of two visits to his house for half a day each time as well as a remote access session from my home, I was able to:

  • move the website from Bell’s business hosting to
  • moving the website also meant a bit of a redesign
  • pushed the domain from Bell to Hover and extended the registration length
  • migrated his email from Bell to Zoho for Businesses

He will soon be able to cancel his Bell hosting/domain/email account which was around $300 per year. His new costs will be’s Premium account for $130 per year and domain renewal for $15 per year. So not only does he have a nicer site now, which loads faster, will likely rank better, and looks more modern, but it will also cost him less to run.


I gave him some tips on how to continue to improve the site over time and reinforced the fact that I’m not looking to be his regular web developer/designer. I hope he is pleased with it and that it helps him to bring in the business he wants from his website.

One response to “Helping a Friend: PCM Industrial Solutions”

  1. David, you are the best. I remember how much Rick and I appreciated your help when we were getting the site at A&R Music up and running. Your vast experience and willingness to share your knowledge was awesome. Glad you are still helping others and making a difference, even though you are busy with your own life.

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