Picard’s Peanuts

Today we ended up going to Picard’s Peanuts in Morriston. The original plan was to go to a sugar bush today, but upon arriving, there were around two dozen cars waiting to pay to get in. So we decided not to join the slow moving line and instead tried to help Annie’s mom look at furniture at a store in Morriston and right next door was Picard’s Peanuts.

We’ve gone to Picard’s Peanuts in Morriston one or two other times, but it definitely isn’t the amazing experience that the one near Niagara-on-the-Lake. Sure, the products are fairly similar when it comes to peanuts, and a few other basic things but their chocolate products are definitely not as good.

I know that a few years back the family owned business split in two, and the eight or so stores split between the two owners. They mention it numerous times on their company website. The website calls the location in Morriston one of the impostors, and that the location we went to in Niagara-on-the-Lake is the original Picard’s. It is a shame they couldn’t come to some agreement to bring things like the amazing cherry cordials we had at the other shop a bit closer to home.

I ended up buying milk chocolate covered pretzels, sweetened dried banana chips, and beer nuts. The beer nuts are amazing at both locations. The person that served us was super nice and friendly. Annie’s mom bought a bundle of stuff from the store as well, so much that she was actually dropping things here and there. It was pretty funny. Anyways, I’m happy we got to go to Picard’s Peanuts today, even if it was the “wrong” one.

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