First Two Days at Fortrus Financial

Starting a new job gives me the “first day of school” jitters every time and as I arrived at Fortrus Financial for my first day, I was a bit nervous regarding what would be expected of me, and how I could provide value. Thankfully, after some great conversations with Matt, the President of Fortrus Financial, things couldn’t have gone better.

On the first two days, I was able to:

  • Migrate email over to Google for Domains
  • Replace the wireless router and configure the new one
  • Put a password management solution in place
  • Get the SSL working on the current Joomla powered website
  • Assist in setting up a new desktop computer
  • Get Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools configured
  • Setup Cloudflare’s CDN
  • Start work on a WordPress powered version of the site

I also got to spend time with Matt going over his goals, priorities, inspiration, competition and more. There are a huge number of things I need to learn about the business, and I am excited to learn all that I can.

Each day, on the drive home from work, I get to share my excitement with Annie, and explain all the neat things I’m currently doing, have already done, or that I’m planning to do. I am very happy with my new position as Director of Technology, and you will be hearing about Fortrus Financial often very shortly!

One response to “First Two Days at Fortrus Financial”

  1. Okay so I’m going to try this one more time and if it doesn’t save to your blog I will stop commenting here! 😊
    What I wrote the first time…or as close as I can remember…it is so cool that you have found a position at a company that you are excited to work for. That’s awesome! You have worked very hard to get ‘here’ and you deserve to be on this ‘place’. I am proud of you! I love you! And, I can’t wait to read/hear about your adventures at this new place…and don’t forget to pass on to us any good financial advice you may learn along the way (knowledge is ALWAYS good…especially that kind!) 😀

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