Buying a Television

Annie has been asking me if we can buy a TV for the last few years and we have both always found a reason to delay. With the passing of our daughter, money that was being saved was freed up and a strong need for entertainment made the impulse buy happen.

Though for me, an impulse buy still comes with a great deal of research. I spent time looking at the sales, reviews and options. Annie and I compromised on getting a 55″ display. Annie wanted larger but in our apartment, I didn’t think we needed anything over 50″.

We decided to purchase a Samsung 6300 series smart TV as well as a Samsung sound bar speaker as thin televisions typically have very poor sound. The 6300 has good reviews and was a reasonable price. We didn’t get a 4k TV in part because we didn’t feel the need and partially because of the higher price point at the screen size we had decided on.

We purchased it online from Best Buy during its Canadian Black Friday sale. It was an exciting purchase and a few days after it arrived, I spent an hour calibrating it using instructions that I had found online. The picture looks great! It is almost like having our own movie theatre.

We are very happy with our purchase, though I think both Annie and I wish the money had gone to its original purpose. Here’s hoping it lasts us for many years.

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