Goodbye Sol – A New Story Project

Annie and I have been planning out a new collaboration story project for a few weeks now, and I was hoping to start writing it before 2016 started, but it took until this past Friday for the first page to go up on Annie’s blog.

The story is called Goodbye Sol, and it will be a character exploration in a sci-fi world, just as Second Class Supers was, in my opinion.

We don’t know what the length of this story will be, but we are hopeful for another full novel length creation. Our plan is to post new pages to Annie’s blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each “page” will be around 1200 words, and over the course of a few months, we should be able to produce a first draft worth reading.

Getting back into the swing of things was a little difficult, as we sat there, our laptops open waiting for the other person to start, but once we started, it flowed quite well.

Each time we are going to start a page of the story, we lay out a scene in bullet points. For Second Class Supers, this was usually three to five bullet points regarding key scenes we wanted to hit. For Goodbye Sol, we have been starting with a few key bullet points, and then doing a session of spitballing where we expand the bullet points to the point where we almost have the skeleton of the page.

For those interested in reading on their computer screens, you can find page one on Annie’s blog: Goodbye Sol – Page 1.

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