2015 In Review and Looking Ahead to 2016

This past year didn’t see much effort put towards this blog, as I posted only fifteen posts, the smallest number since starting this site, and many of them have been this month.

The top three most read posts were The Loss of Lily, Distributel Internet Tech Support Review, and Macro Photography. Only The Loss of Lily was written in 2015. This blog received 17 comments in 2015, with the most coming from my Mom.

Most of my traffic came from Canada (1752 views), with the US (980 views) in second place, and Brazil (221 views) in third. People got to this site mainly by search engines (1251 views), Facebook (435 views) and Twitter (85 views).

My goal for 2016 for this site is to publish at least 100 blog posts with the majority being about my daily life as a digital archive of memories, since mine is so poor. I am also hoping to publish some details on what I am doing and learning in my new position at Fortrus Financial.

Here’s to a great 2016, and thank you all for your continued support!

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