Next Novel Collaboration: Goodbye Sol

My wife and I are starting to plan out our next collaboration, as we wrap up Second Class Supers. It will be a sci-fi character driven story.

Here’s a quick summary:

Two ships have been sent out into space, in hopes of earning the AU Prize, a four point two billion dollar multinational sponsored prize pool for the first spaceship to get 63,279 au, better known as the distance light travels in a year, away from Earth.

The first ship was sent twenty years before the second, but the second has the advantages of improved technology. Both ships, nearing their goal at the same time, are stopped by an invisible field just short of the distance marker they are required to reach.

Can they put aside their differences and competitive nature long enough to solve the mystery of the barrier?

We are taking more time to plan things out to hopefully make the writing process even easier. We will also be doing things a bit differently because we learned a great deal from our first attempt.

I’m hoping we can start it before the new year begins and finish the manuscript before summer arrives. We haven’t decided if we are going to publish our first draft online like we did with Second Class Supers. If you have an opinion, let us know.

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