Finding Time for Hobbies and Friends

It has been really difficult lately to find time for my hobbies. There are days where doing one social thing ends up taking the entire night, leaving my introvert tank a bit empty. I haven’t taken many photographs and missed the entire spring. I haven’t written much, on this blog or for the second draft of Second Class Supers. Yes, the first third of this year was busy for me, but I miss writing, and I miss photography.

It is easy to get trapped into a routine that leaves little time for hobbies and the exploration of those passions.

I also haven’t had time to talk to people lately. I tried to schedule a phone call with Barry, but that hasn’t panned out because I’ve been too busy. I miss my friends so much. I miss my family so much. Annie is hoping we can visit my family once more before our honeymoon this summer, but there aren’t any more three day weekends before then.

I can’t believe today is already Thursday. While work definitely feels more like a full week, when I look into my evenings, things are zipping by. Tonight is the only night where Annie and I aren’t stuffed to the brim with things to do or people to visit.

On Friday, my mother-in-law will be coming over to meet with her financial advisor and spend the weekend at our place. I didn’t get everything I wanted done for her, but I’m hoping we will get it done soon.

This weekend has filled up, and while I’m excited about some of the plans, I still haven’t set aside time to work on writing or photography, and that makes me a bit sad. I look back at my photos on Flickr and really enjoy that I took them. I can see improvements in my writing and photography over the last couple of years. I hope to continue to improve both of this skills and continue to craft new content. I just need to find the time, and set it aside.

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