Scream A Little Dream – More Me

So today another piece of footage included yours truly in it. With seven out of eight episodes now released, if you haven’t checked out Scream a Little Dream, then we aren’t friends anymore… at least until you take the time to do so for me.

Playing a thug wasn’t really in my wheelhouse. I’m just not very menacing, even with a beard, sunglasses and a hoodie trying to make me look a bit more rough around the edges. I’m a fairly big guy, with wide shoulders, over six feet in height and nearly three hundred pounds of weight, but I am usually a really nice, approachable guy, despite all that.

The scene I’m in is where the main character is trying to get back to her apartment, and I hit on her. Check out her reaction to having me try using my moves on her.

We did at least half a dozen takes to try to get that whole sequence right, and nearly every time, we had to do another take because of me. I will never proclaim to be an actor. As a child, I enjoyed it, but as an adult, I’m just not as malleable in character as I once was.

While it was hard work being part of the production, and they probably would have had an easier time with anyone else being their thug, I was there, ready to try anything they needed, and while I was nervous, I had a great time. I really appreciate that Greg and Tom included me in Scream a Little Dream.

I really do hope you watch and share!

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