Life Moves Forward

I don’t have too much to write about this evening, but it has been far too long since I’ve blogged.

Valen, our new computer, is doing well, and both Annie and I are enjoying it immensely. Annie has been playing Lord of the Rings Online with her nephew, and I’ve been playing Minecraft with my brothers, cousins and nephew.

Other than playing video games, Annie and I are reaching the end of the fourth season of Babylon 5, and to say that she has become a little invested in the characters would be an understatement. Annie and I continue to host evenings at our place for Merlin night, where two of our family come over and we do dinner and watch two or three episodes of the BBC’s Merlin.

Our kitchen now has counters. Once we have the dishwasher hooked up, then all we will be waiting for is the laundry to be set-up and we will consider the house to be one hundred percent livable.

Married life is going well and things between Annie and I haven’t changed. We continue to be super happy with each other, and look forward to many years together. Annie just recently upgraded her phone to a Samsung Galaxy S5, and now has the most powerful phone in both the household and likely her family. She got a really great deal on it, and it’ll likely be our last large purchase until around Christmas.

Scream A Little Dream has now had over 2,000 views on YouTube, and continues to rise. I’m hopeful that the other episodes will do as well.

I have nearly a dozen projects that I’d like to work on, but I’m a bit deadlocked due to indecision. I’d really like to find the time and focus to work on the second draft of Second Class Supers, but it requires Annie and I to set aside time and right now, neither of us have been good at that.

I want to leave another thank you to those that came to our wedding, and those that gave so generously. Both Annie and I really appreciate it!

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