Learning and Honing Skills

At my new job, I’m definitely learning new things as well as honing the skills I’ve already built. There is so much work for me to do here, but I’m happy to say that I’m getting more comfortable fast. There are a number of things I’ve already been able to do. Most of my job this week is to fix the fundamentals. The marketing team they had working here was great for setting some things up, but they were acting a little in a silo, and haven’t got to hear all the things I have from management and key stakeholders.

I have big shoes to fill with this job, and there are high expectations. I am hoping to see progress through my efforts. Most of what I’m trying to do won’t show results for the next few months. I haven’t felt so much stress for a long while, and while I’m not the best at handling stress, I’m excited about what I could do for this company. I have to admit that I was hoping my job was more management, training and facilitating, but I’m definitely also having to execute on everything.

There are opportunities to help train the sales staff, and work with freelancers to help with various actions relating to marketing and social media. Doing everything I’m doing right now makes me want to write about social media marketing, SEO and content management again. I forgot how passionate I can be about these topics.

2 responses to “Learning and Honing Skills”

  1. Come put those social media marketing, SEO and content management skills to use; help me with Gravity Wiz! 😉

    Glad to hear you are taking to the new job. We should still sneak you and Annie down for next year’s rocketgenius Christmas party. You guys are awesome.

    • By now you should be making $10k+/m easy right? Cause Gravity Wiz rocks! I would love to come down and visit again soon. The thing I miss most about rocketgenius is the people!

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