What Do I Do Now?

I’ve had a few people ask me what exactly I do now so I figured I’d write up a quick summary. As Communications Manager at Envirotech Office Systems, I’ll be responsible for the following:

Strategic Planning

Each Tuesday, I’ll be in meetings almost all day as I show the progress I’ve made, and help management determine the best strategies going forward. I’ll be working with a branding company that has been brought on as a growth accelerator as well as the President of Envirotech, to try to make the most out of my days, weeks, months and years.


I’ve started with the fundamentals, making changes to the CSS, content, organization, and really fleshing things out. I’ve also been working on bettering their call to action on various pages. They are ranking well on Google for some terms, but not so great for others, so I’ll be doing some SEO work to try to improve their rankings. They want to see a pretty large increase in overall traffic this year.


I’ll hopefully be working with a company soon to convert their blog from Joomla to WordPress including both content and design, but I also have to produce content. I will hopefully be sourcing a few freelance writers to help with content generation as I focus on managing the writers, editing their posts, promoting the content, and sourcing imagery for the various blog posts created.

Online Advertising

They are currently spending money on advertising, and I’ll be working with another person in the office to sort things out and make their online advertising more focused and cost effective. They also want to explore banner advertising in the near future.

Online Showroom

I am working on refining their online showroom concept, an area that gives people a better idea of the products available from Envirotech. This is one of the many areas that is expected from used office furniture dealers, and while Envirotech is primarily a re-manufactured office furniture company, the online showroom is where a great deal of traffic currently ends up.

Social Media Accounts

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ are all places that Envirotech wants to be as they covet the attention and potential draw of social media. They were working with a small marketing agency before to do some of this, and they have started me off on good footing, but there is still lots of work to be done.

Branding on Third Party Websites

Outside of social media, there are a number of sites that mention our address and other contact details, but since the companies move less than two years ago, they haven’t had all of those mentions updated. That’s just one of many things on third party, non-social media, websites that I’ll be responsible for.

Basic Graphic Design

They’ve purchased a subscription to Creative Cloud for me under the photography deal that Adobe had. This has allowed me to do some basic Photoshop and Lightroom work for them already. I will continue to be someone they come to for simple image editing, understanding that it isn’t my expertise, but that I’m in the office and can turn things around quickly, if it is in my wheelhouse.

Photography and Videography

With products for sale, and projects being completed, Envirotech wants more and better photography of the things they have available and the work they have done, and with my limited skills, I’ll be filling that gap as well. I’ve already been walking around the huge showroom to try to learn the ins and outs of large product photography.

Training Sales Staff on Marketing and Social Media

Once I’m settled in, and things are going well, I’ve been asked to train the sales team a few basics relating to social media, and I am hoping that they’ll be able to help me from time to time, once they are trained, with pushing out great content for people to read and share. They are the true experts in their industry, and I hope to be able to help them bridge the divide and reduce the number of potential mistakes.

So for now, I have a huge and varied schedule. I’ve been focusing on the things I’m really good at, in hopes of really improving the overall online marketing situation for Envirotech. There is probably enough work to be done for three of me, but I’m working at keeping my head above water the best I can.

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