First Week at Envirotech Office Systems

So, I’ve made it through my first week, and have started into my second one. There are people surprised I’ve made it to this point as the position I’m in is one with a lot of responsibilities and stress, but I’m determined to help Envirotech, and see so much opportunity within this organization.

Last week, I spent most of my time learning. I suffered from three days of solid information overload as I got up to speed on where things were currently sitting, all the ins-and-outs of this business, and what the key stakeholders are looking for from me.

Today, I finally was able to finish my first of many blog posts and publish it live on their site. Entitled, Why Aeron Chairs are Highly Desirable, it is available on their blog. Their site uses Joomla as its content management system, and that’s not something I’ve used before, so to be able to iterate fast, I’ll probably start by converting the blog over to WordPress sometime in the near future.

I’ve also been able to start taking liberties with their website, making the changes I think are important. Lastly, I’ve been working on trying to get a snapshot of where they currently sit in rankings and whatnot so that I can prove that my efforts are creating improvements over time.

There is so much work for me to do that I wish there were two or three of me.

A huge thanks goes out to all those that have been supportive in this transition. I can’t explain how much I’ve missed the team at rocketgenius, but I’m also excited about what I might be able to do for Envirotech.

3 responses to “First Week at Envirotech Office Systems”

  1. Congrats on the new position. I don’t envy you having to fight with a Joomla installation. I had quite a bit of that in my last position. Are you using EasyBlog for the blog management within Joomla? Or just their default articles management tools? You should take a look at gConverter. They can take your existing Joomla site and convert it to WordPress completely. They do good work and for a very affordable price for many companies.

  2. Way to go David! I really like your attitude, “…I’m also excited about what I might be able to do for Envirotech,” I’m a big believer in having an attitude of “what can I do for the company” because it make you more invested and it brings a challenge to your work – so, Good for you David! Very proud of you!

  3. Someone could infect the joomla site with malware, and you could be the hero that blows it away and replaces it with WP. 😉

    Umm.. yeah.. I didn’t say that.

    Don’t really have to. Joomla will likely infect itself.

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