Catching Up With Jeff Chandler

Last night I spent around four hours catching up with Jeff Chandler on a Google Hangout that he hosted. It was casual, and others dropped in and out pushing the conversation towards different things.

Jeff and I reminisced about the good old days where we used to do WordPress Weekly together, and discussed what it is like to be a remote worker. It was great catching up with him. It made me miss working with him, and he’s definitely matured over the last few years. I really enjoyed the conversation. Apparently, it was the third or fourth such late night Hangout.

If you haven’t heard me talk about Jeff before, I recommend you check out the WP Tavern, the website he helps operate. He’s a great guy, and I hope he continues to have success. I also hope to get back on WordPress Weekly sometime soon to chat with him, just like the good old days.

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